In recent years, the economic downturn has driven many people to look up bulk food companies. There is a wide variety of bulk food companies offering an extensive assortment of storable emergency supplies — canned foods, dehydrated and freeze-dried bulk foods, freeze dried entrees, and the like.

Before making a serious investment in emergency foods, it’s a good idea to get small samples from bulk food companies to test a variety of products, both staple ingredients and ready-made offerings. Many bulk food companies will offer small quantities to prospective customers. For a very small investment people can get a pretty decent selection of a variety of freeze dried foods – fruits and vegetables, poultry, and the like – and see how they work on the dinner table. It’s vitally important to remember that the point of making a freeze dried food bulk acquisition is to build up a supply of useable food that will be eaten.

In determining the appropriate amounts of freeze dried foods for an emergency supply, it’s helpful to consult various “food storage calculators” that are accessible on-line. Plenty of bulk food companies will offer calculators to help you assess your needs for a two weeks’ supply of ready-to-use foods, for sudden and acute emergencies, and then expand the food storage plan to include long-term storable foods in quantities sufficient for a year or longer.

It’s not necessary to start out with a year’s supply in mind; putting together a food storage plan for a shorter period is a useful first step. It’s always better to be doing something, rather than being paralyzed  russian food store with indecision because you’re not yet able to do everything that needs to be done.

If you have the means to grow and can at least some of the foods you will include in an emergency supply, this is obviously the best way to fill up an emergency food stash – while making an occasional freeze dried food bulk purchase to supplement your home-grown food. Many freeze dried bulk foods can be used to extend the supply of home-grown produce.

Whatever approach you choose to food storage and emergency preparation, get started now. Things aren’t getting better, food isn’t getting cheaper, and available time to prepare for genuine hardship is closing fast. For millions of Americans, each visit to the gas station or grocery store has become a horrifying ordeal. Tens of millions living abroad are experiencing genuine hardship, as price shocks triggered by the dollar’s inexorable decline have sent food prices hurtling through the stratosphere. People have literally been driven to the streets in outrage and desperation as the prices of basic staple foods have overwhelmed household budgets. Though America has historically been a land of plenty, America is not immune to upheavals of this kind. By one measure, prices for a broad variety of staple foods have surged anywhere from 11% – 49% over the past quarter. Tough times are here, and they’re only getting tougher – but there is still a vanishingly brief grace period in which to prepare. Don’t waste it – get started now.

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