If you run a business or manage an office, then one of your most important goals will be to ensure you can maintain the optimum output and that way increase your profits. This means getting more from your employees and finding ways to improve their efficiency.

A lot of research has been done into the best ways to do this and what can help ensure a workforce maintain optimum output and one of the things to come from this is the discovery of the ‘flow state’. This flow state is a psychological state that anyone can attain, that sees us working completely free of distractions or other thoughts – 100% focussed on the task in hand and thus as productive as humanly possible. As a manager or a CEO, if you can get your staff into this kind of flow state then you will be able to get more productivity out of them and see them work faster than they otherwise could.

Of course achieving this means making sure there are minimal interruptions and distractions in your office, and it’s important that once the flow state is achieved nothing comes along to break it. Here we will look at some ways you can avoid letting your staff get distracted or forcing them to stop what they’re doing. 오피


Most offices these days rely on technology and this means things like computers, printers, fax machines, scanners etc. As your employees’ output relies on these devices, it’s crucial that they work as well as possible and that they aren’t prone to breaking down or crashing which would leave your employees twiddling their thumbs and wasting time waiting for tech support.

Make sure then that you invest in reliable and modern computers and devices, that you maintain them with the best virus software and updates, and that you make sure you have a reliable internet connection that means web pages and e-mails load up quickly.


Your staff will also require a range of supplies to carry out their work, which could mean paper and ink for the printers, or just things like pens and rulers. The important tip here is to buy in bulk, and to order more in long before you run out. If you wait until you’ve used your last pen before you order more, then you’re going to have your employees fighting over supplies until more come in.

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